Top Fashion blogge Sharon Mundia, This is she started her blog after breaking up with her lover several years back, though this is well known, no one has ever seen photos of the said ex-lover till today

 We learnt that the two met while she was pursuing her undergraduate in South Africa and the resulting heartbreak was the reason she started her blog- for carthasis 

From a nasty break-up with her former lover, came Kenya’s top Fashion blog- I stand to be corrected.  Sharon Mundia since her engagement last year, has become a household name.

The girl herself looks as fierce in person as she does on her blog. Unfortunately to most of us, she got engaged to her lover, Lonina Leteipan in what was Kenya’s grandest engagement story.  The engagement ended our  long stretch of coveting.


Sharon Mundia in a past photo. Photo source:

Her story- of the journey to the foot of Mt. Kenya and the later fairy-tale-betrothal juxtaposed by a lake, was  written locally and reproduced internationally by renown media houses.

But before that. Lets start at the point where it all began. Her nasty break-up.

On several occasions in publications which have had the honor of interviewing her, the fashion blogger has said time and again that her stroke of genius in blogging was sparked off by a heart-break.


Sharon Mundia fighting emotions before mumbling a ‘yes’ when her boyfriend Leteipan proposed in 2015

While living in South Africa- where she attended her Undergraduate, Mundia according to a source who talked to exclusively, fell in love head-over heels with  a white guy whose name we are yet to get.

It was this guy and the rocky relationship that followed, that would push the fashion blogger into tapping into her inner thisisess- conjuring what is now Kenya’s top fashion blog.

Now to the ex-boyfriend.


This is Ess’s ex-lover who we learn, is the reason that she started her fashion blog. Photo Source:

We have reason to believe that this was the man who made Mundia begin her blog. Good job sir. Have a lollipop on us.


Sharon Mundia and her ex-lover way back in the day. The good old times before the blog, the money and the fame.

Sharon Mundia is one of the most sought after fashion bloggers in Kenya. She works for Capital FM as a lifestyle columnist and is a feted Kenyan  Youtuber.

Her fiance is a well-to-do banker working with Chase bank.

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