Relatives of a Nairobi politician are a worried lot after their kin went missing without a trace a few days ago.

The Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) youth leader Abdul Karuri was reportedly abducted at Nairobi’s Shauri Moyo area by unknown people and nothing has since been heard from him.

DP leader Esau Kioni said Mr Karuri was headed to Riyadh Mosque in Pumwani when he was accosted by people suspected to be police officers and bundled into a get-away vehicle.

“We are asking the Government through Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery to ensure the safety of Karuri if he is being held by the police and if not, then he should explain his whereabouts,” urged Kioni.

According to the politician’s wife Sofia Juma, she has not heard anything from her husband since he was taken away and efforts to track him had been futile.

“We have been moving from one police station to another looking for him but to no avail. He has no links to terrorism and was aspiring to contest a political seat in 2017. Police could be having wrong information about him. He was the mosque’s secretary,” she said.

A cousin of the youthful leader narrated how two men arrested Mr Karuri then led him to a black saloon car that was parked nearby.

“It was evident somebody was directing them because Karuri had already passed them before they followed and arrested him,” he recalled.

The abduction could spark concerns after the killing of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda and taxi driver Joseph Muiruri. The three were kidnapped after leaving the Mavoko Law Courts, allegedly held in a police post and then killed and their bodies thrown into a river in Machakos.