They have been Kenyans’ cutest secular music celebrity couple. Though doing secular music and winning awards and doing hits, they have been able to hold their marriage together, through it all. Nameless and Wahu have made it.

They are that couple you wish your marriage could be like theirs, each one should be envious of them since they got married in Naivasha years back, grow stronger together each day.

So others imagined like their marriage for the secular musicians was something unimaginable. But this an example it’s doable, just like Jayz and beyonce.

But recently a Dj Wanted to spoil the good story as he held Wahu in a caption enjoying each others company. The Dj posted the pic that may be, he didn’t think it could cause him in trouble.

But, Nameless slide a swipe at the Dj Kym Nick Dee  and announced that Wahu is off market for long and he should not hold her so suggestively, on a light note of course.

The “Sinzia” hitmaker left a comment on the photo asking the Kiss TV deejay to go slow on his wife, with a light touch of course.

“Eh @djkymnickdee. Mshike pole pole… Huyo ni bibi ya wenyewe! ????????????,” Nameless wrote.


I like this couple for proving that marriage is what you make it and off scandals they have stayed. As they have been together for more than 11 years with two daughters. I like them.