Nameless and Jua Cali’s bromance transcends ethnic divisions and political affiliations. The two veteran musicians have demonstrated Luos and Kikuyus can live in harmony even at a time when divisive politics threatens the country’s peace and stability.

On Saturday October 28th rival tribal gangs attacked each other in Kawangware. Innocent women and children were caught in the crossfire which resulted to the deaths of some people.

Nameless (a Kikuyu) and Jua Cali (a Luo) have set the best example to shun divisive politics. The two music heavyweights spent time relaxing together over the past weekend.

Nameless talks about his rivalry with Jua Cali

Nameless says there used to be bad blood between him and the Genge king. The ‘Inspire Me’ singer explains that he used to view Jua Cali as a threat back then when he was still the don.

Nameless chilling with Jua Cali at his crib