To shave or not to shave pubic hair is a discussion that even health experts the world over have never concluded with finality.

Shaving pubic hair attracts merits and demerits in almost equal measure. Health experts argue that a person should put his or her health first before deciding whether to shave or not.

Most argue that pubic hair serves a vital function of trapping dust and bacteria that would have otherwise found their way into the vagina, therefore causing vaginal infections like urinary tract infections, UTIs.

In men, pubic hair traps air particles that “cool” the balls to provide optimum low temperatures suitable for spermatogenesis and survival of sperms.

But despite all these health benefits, why are many people going for the razor to slash off the grass around the well?

According to well-groomed, a person who shaves has far more benefits compared to he or she who keeps a thick undergrowth.

Apart from enjoying a physical sexual appeal, a person who shaves has high sexual sensitivity. For men, shaving makes the erection appear huge.

Seems the pubic hair immerses a better part of the penis, therefore making it appear smaller than it actually is.

Shaving makes the examination of the groin area easier. If you are checking for signs of infections, a thick forest will make it difficult for you to do a thorough check.

Lastly, tall pubic hair may intertwine or interlock during coitus and this may cause cuts to the penis or the condom.

This may lead to unwanted pregnancies or even sexually transmitted diseases. May be you need to do deforestation after all.