For the past three days, Nairobi has experienced a massive traffic gridlock following Israel’s visit in the country.

Netanyahu said he wondered why he did not see any traffic on Nairobi streets during his visit, but he later came to understand that road users had to wait in line.

“I don’t understand. We are driving through Nairobi and there is no traffic problem. But nonetheless, I’m sorry….I apologize to the people of Kenya who were inconvenienced.”

During the speech at a dinner hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Israel PM also said the visit came with great benefits to the country.

He also said the name Kenya evokes positive feeling when said in Israel hoping Israel also evoked the same feeling in the Kenyan society.


Watch Video of Netanyahu’s apology below;


Social media users joked about Netanyahu’s visit using biblical quotes despite the promise of a good future resulting from the ties between Kenya and Israel in terms of health, peace, immigration laws that are set to be the foundation of 50 yers of cooperation between the two countries.

The Israel Prime Minister, his wife and delegates have today Wednesday, July 6 left the country for Rwanda after the three-day visit.

That was very noble of him!