Whenever you hear about an individual who suffers from cancer, most of our thoughts wander to the image of emaciated individuals. Cancer is a hell of a disease but the treatment also takes alot out of the patients.

So it was no surprise that when Janet Kanini Ikua came forth to reveal that she was battling cancer and it had progressed on to the 4th stage, many were not just shocked but rocked too. How could someone we are accustomed to seeing on our screens looking healthy and beautiful be battling such a life threatening disease and we had no inkling of the fact?

She went to India for treatment and when the images of her undergoing treatment surfaced, that was when the gravity of the situation really sunk in for most of us.

But it would seem, she has decided that her illness is not going to define her. Inspite of everything, she will wake up each day with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. And it is really showing.

She is looking better with each passing day and I figured I should share these photos and spread the positivity. Check them out below:janet-ikua-kanini5

She revealed that her doctors in India, where she had been receiving treatment were amazed by the results of the PET MRI scan, which showed that the cancer lesions that had been in her liver, bones, abdomen, lymph nodes and lungs were no more.

“They said that many people must have been praying for me because these results are rare in a stage 4 diagnosis, and I told them “Yes. I have a prayer army. Prayer warriors who held me up when I was too weak to pray and believe,” she added.

While thanking well-wishers who had offer both prayers and financial support, Janet revealed how she had become “so emotional” as she battled the ravaging disease.

“You guys – may God meet you all at your points of need. May He open His floodgates of blessings to you and yours!” said Janet.

But she also has to deal with a blood clot in her heart which she thankfully said had reduced in size from being 1.5cm by 1.4cm to 8mm by 7 mm across.