The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Valentine’s Day has been the talk of the town since last week, with people making funny memes of what Valentine’s is all about and how many people are left in the dark on that day.

Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, candle lit dinners, champagne; all these are usually the highlight of the day as we show our loved ones just how much we love them.

Well, this does not apply to everyone as other people treat the day as just an ordinary one – going to work or school and back home, while others celebrate love every day.


Shaffie Weru is always known to be one guy who speaks his mind no matter what. He never sugarcoats anything and that’s what makes him the funny guy he is.

During The Morning Kiss, Shaffie and Adele had a discussion about this day and Shaffie revealed something that no one saw coming.

You all know he has two baby mamas, right?

So, Shaffie revealed that he has NEVER bought any girl a Valentine’s day gift in his whole entire life; not even his baby mamas. Gifts on a regular are obvious but he hasn’t actually bought a gift for anyone on Valentine’s Day.

Listen to his revelation below;