Tanzanian RnB star and obvious heart throb, Diamond Platnumz is said to be the wealthiest East African star at the moment.diamond_bmw

This fact is supported by the number of shows Diamond is contracted to appear in and perform at for the next three months. He is always jetting off to perform at this or that big venue. His tour schedule is always taking him back and forth across the continent. Diamond is always in and out of airports, taking flights in and out of countries, headlining shows across the continent.

Recently, he celebrated his birthday as he turned a year older. Read all the details below;

Diamond is a very grounded artiste, despite his success. He always posts sober messages on his social media platforms that seek to inform, inspire and motivate his fans.diamond_bmw2

On one post he wrote,

“Siku zote kwenye Maisha Amini kuwa Mwenyezi Mungu Ndio Mpanga wa kila jambo na Si Binadamu yoyote…yeye ndio akisema liwe linakuwa, lisiwe haliwi na hakuna ataeweza Mpinga….hivyo jitahidi kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwakila jambo maana yeye ndio kalipanga na Kwa Makusudio yake…pia, tujitahidi kuwa wema kwa matendo tuyafanyayo eidha yaonekanayo na watu na hata wasioyaona…Maana uzuri wa matendo yako, humfanya Mwenyez Mungu akujaalie Mema pia.”diamond_bmw1

Acknowledges that despite his mega fortunes he believes that God is the author of all his success.

In addition to his jet-setting ways, Diamond is blessed with a beautiful family with his wifey, Zari The Boss Lady and baby Tiffah, with tot number two on the way.

He now has another new acquisition. A German machine.