She is said to be a gospel musician, after she did a gospel song. Nicah the Queen was girlfriend to Dr. Ofweneke after they agreed to cohabit after being in a relationship for a while. Nicah already had a daughter from her previous marriage.

After they agreed to live together they got another daughter. They separated last year with her comedian boyfriend Sande Bush after months of denial.

Dr. Ofweneke comedian, Mc have not met with the girlfriend after they decided to call it quits. Nicah brought everything to the open, after she had a domestic abusive relationship with the comedian for no reason.

For a while Dr. Ofweneke had denied the fact that they were not together. But he left his girlfriend with the two children, the one from her last relationship and the one he had sired. Leaving the burden to Nicah who is not financially unstable.

Victoria wanja aka Nicah the queen doesn’t have meaningful income apart from being an artist which is not paying of as she has not grown in the gospel industry yet.

Nevertheless after all what happened she has picked up the pieces and now thinks of how to survive with her children. The Songstress is embracing being a single mother of two and facing the hard times with confidence.

She is growing strong each day as she posted this on her social media and this is what she had to say,

I think I should change my name to KING NICAH THE QUEEN, my kids call me dad n mum at the same time

Well, seems like she’s embraced her status and is keeping it positive despite the challenges. Check out Nicah’s post below.