Relatioships often have their ups and downs. For this reason one is often adviced not to force matters because things might end up nasty.

Model Tanasha who was featured on Christian Bella featuring Alikiba’s song has opened up about her break up with Nick Mutuma. This being the first time the lass is talking about the issue the lass seemed a bit uncomfortable to get into more details as to why she split with the fella yet they looked perfect together.

Nick Mutuma and his ex, Tanasha

Nick Mutuma and his ex, Tanasha

Alls she say is that the two were not compatible as she confirmed that their relationship was officially done. Talking to the Ghafla video team, Tanasha did not want to get into detail however she was very protective of the guys image as she complimented him for being a hardworking fella and someone who understands how to handle his business.

When asked how they met, the lady says they met on social media (don’t they…wait meant Don’t we all) Anyway…this how their chemistry was build and after a couple of months the two separated to reasons best known to them.

At the moment she is focusing on her career as a model and a makeup artiste. Watch the full interview below: