Anne Njeri, the ex-wife of Joseph Onywera, the Kisumu Luo man that won the 20 million jackpot has threatened to take her life if the Luo man refuses to forgive and accept her back as his wife.

Speaking to journalists yesterday in her Naivasha home, Njeri blamed the devil for making her run away from her poor hubby years ago.

Njeri reiterated that she still loved her husband and had never stopped loving him despite the distance and miscommunication between them in all those years.

Njeri who hails from Limuru Kiambu County threatened to commit suicide if her husband refuses to take her back as the woman of the house.

Her former husband Joseph Onywera 62, who won the Ksh20 million Betway jackpot said his wife Anne Njeri dumped him in 2010 after losing his job and ran away with their son. He said he is not ready to take her back as his wife but will help his son.

“When I met my lovely husband years back, I knew he was the man for me. When I saw him, something inside me told me that this is my man and nothing can separate us if not death”Explained Njeri poetically.

“The love I had for my sweetheart is still strong and has never faded. I cannot imagine myself with another man except my Jose. We were born to be together and I will never let any woman take away my lovely husband because he has won Ksh20million” She added.

“Those who are saying I ran away from my own Jose because he was poor are jealous. Joseph and I are meant to be together and everyone knows. If Joseph refuses to take me back, I will just die. I have never loved any other man the way I love my ‘husband’” She reiterated.