In an article that she wrote on Nation , City Girl Njoki Chege attacked the Kenyan bishop who recently got a private jet.

She accused the bishop and his wife of running a criminal organisation that was fleecing innocent Nairobians.

The attack came in the wake of a rumour that the Bishop had received a private jet as a gift on his birthday

In her article, Chege called the bishop an Instagram-obsessed 50 -year-old man who is displaying teenage behaviour in biblical proportions.

Also called out congregants of the church who tithed religiously but still forgot to send money to their parents in the village.

The bishop’s wife was not spared the vitriol, she was called a wealthy but classless mummy pastor who tottered around the pupit in vertiginous heels speaking in twanging tongues while wearing a weave of many colors.

Speaking to a local tabloid the bishop said that he had not yet received the jet but it was on his way.