Thanks to his roots in Africa, Jidenna is one of the artistes who have been in touch with their motherland. This shows through his music and even fashion.

The Classic Man singer thrilled his Kenyan fans during the third edition of the Hennessy FOMO party.

The singer and songwriter strives to tell stories and pass messages in his songs if you pay attention.

“Time runs out on everybody. At some point, I might not have albums to give. I hope I would have told my story by then.

I think there’s a lot more vulnerabilities I have to explore in my life before then. The secret and strength to any artiste is finding that vulnerability.

In fact, most stories I have told so far are about my father. I will be telling more stories about my family,” he says.

“Some of the vulnerabilities I have shown so far are those of women. I had never written a record like that neither have I showed a longing and desire for a woman that you feel lost.

That is a vulnerable moment that I am sure most people have. Most male artistes, rappers especially, tend to hide that. I hope to show way more,” he adds.


Speaking about his first album The Chief, he reveals that the song Bambi is about a real woman and she is really out there listening to that song.

“All the art that I do is based on the truth, even though I kind of play with the realities a little, like the names, so Bambi is not her real government name,” he says.

You may then wonder, is he still hung on the one that got away or did he move on to a new flame?

“I do not have a girlfriend. A relationship is like a garden. You have to be there to tend the plants and water them. I do not have enough time to do that.

That is the sacrifice I have to make right now. I am in my early part of my career. I have to run as fast and as consistent as I can. And if anyone knows about marathons it’s Kenyans so you understand what am talking about,” he boldly states.

Jidenna sprung into popularity in 2015 with the hit songs Classic Man that he later featured Kendrick Lamar and Yoga with Janelle Monae.

He has since been consistent with his releases.

“What keeps me focused is the mission before us as artistes. I devote my time to building a bridge from Africa to the diaspora. I don’t know anything that motivates me other than focus and mission, that’s it. The thing that inspires me most about Africa is that I am from here and I am really excited that artistes from around the world are now looking to Africa for inspiration.

There is some kind of vibrancy in the voice from African music. Actually, my sister used to live in Kenya, she is very excited I’m here,” he ventures.

The dapper rapper has a dandy style that not everyone can pull off. He has not always had a beard and a tapered cut. Speaking on his style evolution, the Little Bit More singer shed some light saying,

“I have been bald before, worn dreadlocks, braids and long tapered cut too. However, I would not shave my beard now, this is how I feel I look great about my self-image.”

He is always donning properly fitted suits and made to measure clothing. Being diverse and open to experimenting with different designers.

“I am open to working with Kenyan designers, I am meeting up Zeddy Loky really soon,” he concludes.