Last Sunday Kenyans were shocked by allegations that undisputable dancehall singer Dufla was reportedly thrown out of his house due to three months’ in Hunters, Kasarani.

“His hit song is played everywhere, from brothels, matatus among other places. If MCK was honest and credible this guy could be making money from airplay alone,” the person alleging the rumours said.

Although Dufla’s phone has been off owing to the fact that he has been busy recording a number of songs in the night at Grandpa and sleeps during the day – SDE managed to get hold of him and this is what he had to say about the issue at hand.

“I too saw the post but was least bothered to respond because by now I am well aware that there are a section of people who will never say anything positive about you besides trying to tarnish your name through bad press as long as you are doing well. Despite this I want to assure them that they have failed,” says Dufla.

He further explained that although he has been living a simple life in Kasarani for a while now, he moved out to a better and posh house along Thika Road in April.

“During my stay in Kasarani I paid the sum of Sh 15,000 something that I can pay in advance owing to the fact that I get a number of show across the country with my lowest charge per show being Sh60,000”.

On his part Grandpa’s CEO Refigah rubbished the claims as a passing cloud and a ploy for a section of their rivals to ride on negative publicity.

“Who in Nairobi would let you live in their house without paying rent for three months- more so knowing too well that you are a public figure who is doing well?” Possed Refigah.

He added that contrary to the misleading reports Dufla is one person who is financially stable and is destined for bigger things in the future.

Dufla who has two upcoming shows in Naivasha and Nakuru in two weeks’ time says he is currently busy working on a number of projects besides having finished recording his new song dancehall song Viringisha.

“If my haters must know – I am living large,” he concluded.