Natalie Florence Kutoto aka Noti flow is a Kenyan female rapper and socialite. She has recently released a new song featuring Jackson Makini aka Prezzo called Tupendane.

These two have been asked countless times if they are dating or not. And they have always denied these allegations despite the the many cozy photos that they post together.

Noti Flow took a screenshot of a conversation she was having with Prezzo and posted it online.

Noti Flow 3

For some reason the texts were supposed to ‘explain’ why he hadn’t uploaded their video yet. She posted it saying;

#peopletalktoomuch 👐 Well, there u hv it. Prezz n I are tight n the reason he hasn’t shared the video yet is coz he lost his phone just a day ago. He’s out of the country chasin 💰 . I mean come on , the song is barely 2 days old . #kenyans , I can’t believe some of y’all still hv the audacity to hate on such a genuinely patriotic song. It’s the #peace message we wanted / want to deliver. Please , #tupendane kama WaKenya. ❤🇰🇪Shauri zenu, sisi tunapendana 😁 Na wenye wivu..”

Here is the screenshot.