It has been on the social media that prezzo is seeing Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu. Though he didn’t deny but once in radio interview was asked about dating, which he pointed out that he was seeing no one and that he is free man with no girlfriend.

But reports indicate that recently Prezzo has been spending quality time with video vixen amidst warnings that she is “live wire”, that she might be sick and to use protection while sleeping with her.

But “sikio la kufa halisikii dawa” as the saying goes in swahili, he has gone ahead to confess and have intimate sessions with the said woman. He has allowed himself to get in the fire of love despite warnings from his friend TID and his mother. so sad.

Prezzo decided to celebrate his new Tanzanian that even though everyone and their mother has warned him against dating Ms. Lulu.

And this was the celebration post he put up:

Wacha waongee Lulu wangu, cha msingi we jua niko na wewe. President hatakuwacha uzame kamwe. Ngechu got u mia mia mia #Rapcellency #GodsSon #TheMakiniTeam #MamaCandy