She has gone ahead to warn that people should stop comparing her former boyfriend Young Dee with Prezzo.

Usimfananishe mume wangu na watu wengine kwa sababu unakuwa unamkosea adabu, kwa hiyo Young Dee ni Prezzo usiwakee kabisa pamoja kwa sababu ni watu wawili ambao hawezi kuendana hata kidogo. (Don’t compare my husband with others as you will be insulting him. Young Dee and Prezzo should not be compared as they are two different people in different levels,” Amber Lulu told Bongo5.

The socialite was dating Young Dee before she hook up with Prezzo. The matter has thrown spanners in the works as Kenyan singer Noti Flow has insisted that Prezzo is her man.

“Amber what? Who the hell is Amber Lulu? The only Amber I know is Amber Rose,” Noti Flow dismissed.