It is beef season.

It all began with Femi One going nuclear on rapper Njeri and other Kenyans female artistes like Kush Tracey, Size 8, Sosuun and Noti Flow. Her diss track, Pilau Njeri was the talk of town for the longest time. Coast based artiste, Kyki gave her own response to the diss. She titled her single Kuku Mwitu.


Njeri also unleashed her response to the diss titled, Femi Plan. At the time, Noti Flow sub-tweeted Femi One, claiming she will not stoop so low as to respond to her Pilau Njeri diss. But it seems, things have chanced.

Noti Flow has now decided to go in on Femi One, mercilessly. In a diss track released today dubbed Foreheads, Noti Flow insinuates that Femi One was lunguluad by Pozee – referring to Willy Paul.


Here is what she says in her lyrics.

“Chuki, una mwili kaa ya Konje /Na, ulikulwa na ule Pozee/Bitch am famous /Critics can’t compare us /Leta compe naja sollo/ Ita rende we msondo /Am in the building..Noti in d building../

Empire ya maforeheads.. I eat rabbits for lunch, /
My lines coming in bunch / Mafala wakiwa wana rap
Nlikuwa busy natwerk / Instagram, your boy wanking on my pics / Word is, am still trending in de streets /”