Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence Kutoto, popularly known as Noti Flow, recently responded to claims that she’s bisexual while revealing her ideal size of okufuaf.

Although she admitted to being a lesbian, the ‘Birthday Cake’ singer also said that she likes men too.“I like dick..but man I like titties too. So I would say that I’m bisexual,”


When pressed to express what size (of the di*k of course) suits her best, she  said that she does not like small ones neither is she into big wieners.

“You might a small one and you know how to do it or you might have a big one but you don’t know how to do it. It depends on the game,” she said.

Noti went on to say that she had to end things with Vanessa Chettle – who she was said to be dating at some point – because the latter had so many things going on in her life.

Here’s the video: