After months of confusion, it came to light that Noti Flow was in a situationship with both prezzo and Colonel Moustafa.

In a bid to solve this situationship, the seasoned Nairobi Diaries actress tasked her fans with choosing a man for her to date.

Over the weekend, the ‘She Don’t Know’ rapper took to her Instagram to ask her followers to vote between ‘The Prezident’ and ‘Lipunda’ aka ‘Uncle Ukwaju’ aka ‘Tall Mnyama’, and all other aliases included.

“Today my people gat the privilege to choose the perfect man for me between these two: Comment Mustafa if you think he the one / Prezzo if you think he the one. Comment ‘none of the above’ if u think I should cut em both off like I never knew em. Voting ends in 24 hrs,” wrote Noti Flow.

24 hours later, the votes had been tallied and people had spoken; as there were no withdrawals and all the drama that comes with Kenyan elections. She announced that the winner had garnered 70% of the total votes.