roycaptainNyamanda remix by Roy captain featuring Slaggaphoz is an Afro- beat fusion of vernacular Luo language with English rap. The song is a sweet blend of crafty beat with powerful commandeering vocals talking about a rocky relationship. It touches the youth with the aim of empowering the young couples to embrace the challenges of seasons of life.

This song is fresh enough to fuse culture with rap and any genre.the song was recorded by Johnson Kyalo of Hewa Records and the video was done by Top Notch films. Director-Johnson Kyalo.

Can’t get enough of this song. Just consider every day lost because an afro-beat song is here for you to dance. More than average, African have stayed with their roots.. Nyamanda fusion of vernacular Luo and English Rap.


Our dedication to our roots is something special born in us and we get credit for that. All I can say is this one is for everyone, It doesn’t matter who you are. My belief is that listening to music while you work is a way to help you relax and music is the only food for your soul.

Nyamanda remix – slaggy villa, Roy captain, Elphoz