Dear Kenyan women, I have some sad news for you.

Talented singer Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski is no longer single. The music sensation is taken!

Nyashinski, whose music has always dominated the local airwaves and swayed Kenyan women’s hearts is enjoying the warmth of a popular CEO.

Many had dreams of tying the knot, hoping that one day they would dance to Malaika together with the singer as they exchange vows but too bad, their dreams have been crushed. The Mungu Pekee singer is totally smitten.

He is dating Eugene Masika’s ex-girlfriend, Zia Bett. The lass who is the CEO of Zia Collection Clothing has been sharing photos of her and Nyashinki and recently, she posted a photo of them together looking lovey dovey and a close friend to the Daystar University told us that;“They are in love. Nandi always talks about how Nyashisnki treats her. Many including our former schoolmates are envious of her. Rumour has it that they will formalize their relationship very soon.”

Zia, who prefers a private life away from the spotlight is enchanting  to look at and the many photos on her social media account tell it all.

“I’m a dark skinned girl. Always felt inferior to light skinned girls. I suck in my stomach when I remember, other times I just don’t care. Sometimes my arms look small, other times its evident I skip triceps day at the gym. I love children and sometimes fashion, currently obsessed with gyming.

I’m good at bringing people together, not very good at listening. I believe in God and have a deep relationship with him but fail him daily. Only through him I’m reminded, that “Hanty, you’re more than enough.” even though sometimes I forget,” she recently posted.

Nyashinki, who was originally a member of the Kleptomaniax music group but left to the US and came back last year after a long hiatus is currently the most sought after Kenyan musician. His hot jams are doing well compared to those who have been in this industry for so long.

Did you know that Nyashinski’s top song has over 3M views on You Tube? Now you know.

Well, meet Nyashinski’s woman who every Kenyan woman is envious of:











Nyashinski’s girlfriend







We tried to reach out to Nyashinski for a comment but he didn’t respond. We will keep you posted if he responds.