Nyota Ndogo has been married now for some time after people made fun of her on her big day. She is happily married and she is enjoying every bit of her marriage to her danish husband.

She was recently in Denmark to visit her husband. But  she had to come back because of her media tour the husband seems can’t enough of her.

A week after she jetted back from Denmark after visiting her husband, the husband followed her back to Kenya. The two love birds are just flowing with the wind of love, wherever it takes them.

They are too much in love that nyota ndogo has to shuffle between Denmark and Kenya for her marriage and her work , career in kenya.

“Ok my love i have to go now. i will miss you but not for long MUNGU akipenda tutakua wote tena soon. nyumbani kuna niita kazi zinaniita mashabiki wanaona nijali they want me back home,” Nyota Ndogo wrote on social media.

Then a week later, she took to social media to brag about how her man has jetted into the country to spend more time with her.