Not everyone is fit to use an escalator. Anytime you come across one whether in a mall, at the airport, train station or at any building, it’s not a must you use it, You can as well use the staircase or the lift just to avoid falling.

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Coastal based singer Nyota Ndogo was recently left embarrassed after she fell on the escalator at the Nairobi SGR terminus. She was in the company of her husband and she revealed that people laughed at her after the incident.

Image result for gifs woman falls on escalator

Nyota Ndogo, who recently constructed rentals in Voi town, took to social media to narrate the ordeal and she wrote:

“Baada ya kuanguka pale SGR nairobi na mabagi yangu nikachekwa mpaka nikaskia kulia.yani mashabiki walinicheka huku wakinipa pole.yani zile ngazi za sithima nyoko yani Leo zimeniaibisha kishenzi.but hata sijui nilikua nafkiria nini kusimama na mabagi mawili yani Leo nimejiona sijui vipi.”

The multitalented singer jetted out of the country yesterday with her mzungu lover for a holiday in Europe.