Sibling rivalry is at least witnessed in most of our families.

You will never miss finding a divided family where different siblings support their favourite parent. Some even testify lies and treat their fellow siblings badly out of pure jealousy and hatred.

Kenyan singer Nyota Ndogo has been facing mistreatment and rejection from her own family.

Her mother and one of her brothers named Juma have been on her case ever since she fell in love with her current husband.

Nyota Ndogo

In an Instagram post that has surfaced, Juma verbally attacked Nyota Ndogo claiming that their mother and he were not attending his sister’s wedding because she married an old man, whom he compared to the great scholar Vasco da Gama.

He went ahead to praise their mother for backing him up.

“Love you Mama so much. Nafurahi ya kwamba uko upande wangu. Harusi ya Mapoko hatuendi. Vascodagama kibabu Nyota ungemuachia mama. Msichana Super star kama wewe waenda olewa ni kibabu. Kizee kwasababu ati ni Mlami? Kisha wamtoa Tatu kwangu job wamwambia wamtaftia mzungu Mzee!!! Shenzy hii. Mother pia ati hapati mahari? upuuzi mtupu,” read Juma’s post.

According to an exclusive interview with Nyota Ndogo, she said that “Juma demanded to be given her dowry” but she couldn’t let that happen

She took the money which was part of her dowry and used it to build a house for her mother which is almost complete.

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo and her brother Juma

Yesterday, Nyota Ndogo took to social media to narrate how she has suffered for long in the hands of some of her family members who don’t like her.