Nyota Ndogo is one of Kenya’s most celebrated musicians in Kenya.

The coast-based singer has graced the Kenyan music industry for almost two decades now.

Famous for her hit song Watu Na Viatu, she once worked as a house maid but has since grown to become one of the most influential voices in the country’s music industry.

Her father Abdala Atib was a musician with a local band, but Nyota Ndogo did not take up musical career until being inspired by Nairobi’s hip hop group K-South (Abbas Kubaff and Bamboo).

She was discovered by Andrew Burchell, a Mombasa-based producer, and has continued to be a musical force to reckon with, both locally and internationally.

Her influence surpasses the music spheres, as she has since moulded herself as a role model for many.

Now, a section of women from across the country are likening her latest move to a “saviour’s” move.

Recently, Nyota Ndogo registered a foundation called ‘Nyota Ndogo Sauti Ya Wanyonge’, with the primary aim of helping fellow women (and other maginalised sections of society) in achieving their dreams in life.

Two weeks ago, she reached out to women through social media, asking if she could find at least 10 women who could have the ability to contribute Sh5,000 every month to invest in real estate.