– Nyota Ndogo’s Danish husband has bough her an expensive red, Volkswagen Touran, shortly after their much publicised Islamic wedding at the coast 

– The union has come under attack from part of the singers  family  who are angry that the singer disobeyed their family values 

Shortly after her very colorful Islamic wedding at the coast, Singer Nyota Ndogo was bought for, by her now husband- a native of Denmark, an expensive red VW Touran.

A fancy red family car that the singer cannot have enough, of hours later. In a  post on social media, the newly married songstress gushed about the deep, undying love that she has for her lover, Nielsen.

“I love my husband so much, he is everything a woman could ever dream of and more,”  Wrote Ndogo.

Their wedding has not been without hitches. Her make-up artist messed her whole face making her look like a clown on her most important day. Her eye shadow looked off on her face as did the lipstick which matched her colorful dress.

Her union to her older husband was met with criticism from her family; her mother and her musician brother, Juma Tutu.  According to Tutu , Ndogo married an old  sponsor, going against the wishes of her family.

The brother further alleges that Ndogo has misled her sister- a former singer, to drop her singing career and find a white husband who will take care of her. The younger sister currently lives with Ndogo as her house-help.

The family drama on the eve of her wedding and after the ceremony  did nothing to dim the smile on her face. It was love for her and the promise of endless marital bliss that had her beaming from ear to  ear.

See below, Nyota Ndogo’s wedding gift:0fgjhs72bjrrhu16t.255fa023

Singer Nyota Ndogo poses next to her brand new car courtesy of her husband. Image: Manuel Ntoyai

0fgjhsjd02rc6t9e4.1f1a0770Nyota alights from her brand new VW Touran after her first test drive. Image: Manuel Ntoyai

Ndogo  finally wedded after three years of dating her Danish fiance Henning Nielsen. Ndogo and Nielsen held their  Islamic wedding at the musicians home town of Voi on Sunday, May 22.

Nyota Ndogo who was previously married to Mombasa- based music producer K-Shot, has two  children and hopes to get more with her new husband.