Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, better known as Octopizzo, does not believe in God and he is not mincing his words.

In a candid interview with Mpasho on Wednesday, the award-winning hip hop artiste who has just released a new song with Barak Jacuzzi and Butross titled “Tergat Gang” said he stopped believing in God after his mother’s death.

Octopizzo told this writer that if he had things his way back then, he would have asked God to save his mother’s life since she was the only parent he had after his dad died.

“I lost my dad when I was 14, I lost my mum when I was 15. I stayed in the streets, I’m raised in the streets. I stopped believing in God when I lost my mum. He never helped my mum,”

He went on to ask where God was when his mum was dying adding that he doesn’t believe in religion even though he’s aware that there is a certain power over human beings.

“I am not a religious person but I think maybe there’s somebody out there over us but if that guy was that important, he could have helped my mum. He could have taken my dad and left my mum. But they took my mum so fuck religion,” he said.