Popular Kenyan rapper Octopizzo has urged the youth protesting in Kibera to dissociate themselves from violence and picket peacefully.

Speaking to a local TV station in Kibera, Octopizzo said that even though the protesters had the right to show their dissatisfaction with the election outcome, they had no right looting or maiming others.

Octopizzo added that Kenya belonged to all its citizens and violence was not a solution to the issues the protesters may feel aggrieved upon.

“Kama umejam, chorea, …enda ukimbie kimbie uko… usiibie msee, usipige mtu…hii nchi ni yetu,” highlighted Octopizzo.

The namba nane rapper noted that he was disappointed with the way the issue had degenerated into a running battle with the police.

He appealed to the youth to be calm and uphold peace in the area.