Ommy Dimpoz has been known to his flamboyant lifestyle, dressing and ofcourse his good music. And rumours are that he is kept by an older lady than him. Like kina Diamond and Harmonize. Because of the way he spends it, not caring anything in the world and considering the fact that his music can’t give him such a lifestyle.

Many have been having questions where he gets his money, and others thinking from a sponsor as they are called nowadays. He travels in first class and goes for holiday in different places to prove he is not in short of cash.

Ommy confirmed to be dating a Chinese woman and not an old lady as it’s alleged on social media. They have been spreading the rumour that his flamboyant lifestyle is sponsored by one older lady.

But has come out to defend his lifestyle saying that he gets his money from his grandma who is wealthy and whenever he needs money he goes to her. He said the grandma has generation wealth and that she is not short of money.

This is the revelation he gave to mpasho as they interviewed him while he was shooting his latest video with J Blessing in mombasa.

He said;

“My grandma, ana hela sana. Ilikua hela ya ukoo, sasa mimi nachukua tu hapo. Sasa ninakula ya grandma…”

Ommy reveals this during a video shoot in Mombasa which is expected to feature Kenya’s Naiboi and Nyashinski.

Watch as he explains;