It is said that when you are in difficult times you’ll know who your true friends are. Singer Achieng Abura discovered how true this statement is when her son’s health got worse.

Before she died on Thursday, October 20th at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where she was receiving treatment, the former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) judge tried to raise money for her son’s treatment but no one cared to help.


In an interview with Business Daily, Abura said that she once called an harambee to raise the Sh4,000,000 required but only 10 people showed up.

The afro-jazz singer also told Jackson Biko that she and some popular musicians including Suzzana Owiyo and Makadem had tried holding a concert towards the same but they didn’t get the numbers they were expecting.

Abura said that the experience had “brought her new friends and also taught her that the people she thought were her friends weren’t quite her friends.”

Her fake friendships became more apparent on the night she passed away. Shortly after it was announced that she had died, the very same people who had abandoned her, including celebrities, sent condolence messages on social media hailing her and what not.

This didn’t go down with a number of people including city lawyer who attacked the people who were condoling with her family, labeling them as hypocrites.

As it turns out, not all her friends were fake. One friend in particular who goes by the name Lucie Kabena continues to stand out for because she held her hand through thick and thin.

The woman sent Abura encouragement messages on social media when things got tough and in her responses, the singer called her a  “great friend”.

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But that’s not all she did. When Abura set up an online fund on M-Changa to raise funds for her son, Ms Kabena donated more than Sh350,000 which stands out as the highest amount that has been contributed so far. She is also the Fundraising Administrator.

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