One woman is standing out in Kisumu for making other women experience relieve in their difficult situations in life. The young lady by the name Winnie Augo Ogolla has been a good Samaritan to women who where once famous and in some unfortunate situations Like princes Jully. Whose circumstances have dragged back to poverty.

Winnie is said to have visited conjestina Achieng after she fell to ill just to help and assist with the little she had. It was like so with Princess Jully, last Week when she visited her at her home in Migori County.

Princess Jully known for tracks “Ukmwi mbaya” and other luo vernacular songs was famous in the 90s. Traveled a lot to do music but just like Saida Karoli of Tanzania people took advantage of her music and when time came to exit the famous club came she had nothing to go back to.

With new talents coming in, her music could no longer help her makes ends meet and she was forced to retire to he rural home without fame or nothing to hold back to. To suffer to a point of mining gold which she says is not easy to get.