Otile Brown has just released a new song called Mapenzi Hisia. He has been in the industry for just a few years and he has been doing amazing things in the Kenyan music industry. He was born in Mombasa, Mikindani but moved to Nairobi to pursue his musical career.

Otile Brown

This year, Otile Brown has been dropping new songs without giving us a break from Acha Waseme, Kistaarabu, Wembe to Yule Mbaya. And his songs don’t disappoint!! Yesterday, he dropped his new hit song Mapenzi Hisia which has received amazing response from his fans.

myshy lysh: Tokeni wasafi let’s appreciate our own! It’s a lite😍

Abdulmutwalib Saggaf: This guy will take Kenyan music to higher levels…..Good piece Bad Man Shivo u r our new Diamond…wapi likes za MAPENZI HISIA

Dianaah Darling kenya: otilebrown Sauti Yako hunikosesha usingizi Damn😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I Iove you so much brother great Job

Peter Theuri: This is a hit bigup yourself

Edaqueen Natalie: Mko wapi jamani???This song deserves a million views…Come on guys

O’neal Collins Sande: AAAAH..!! M.A.P.E.N.Z.I. H.I.S.I.A…H.A.J.A.LI.S.H.I W.A.MPENDA N.A.N.I ??
#Awe anafanya MAKANGA AU SOGI, #Awe MVUVI AU BODA BODA #Au MUUZA MBOGA, Kupata Kukosa ni Majaliwa Awe SERAMALA Kupata au Kukosa niMajaliwa..Maana mi ni kivuli Chake aendapo mie naendapo Ili Mradi UNANIPENDA..Haijalishi Unampenda Nani..?