Genge music group P-Unit members Frasha and Gabu recently dropped their new jam “Wabe” which has left fans concerned as one of group members, Bon Eye was not featured in the song.

Speculation was high in social media circles about the possibility of Frasha and Gabu kicking out Bon Eye.

However during a recent interview, Frasha and Gabu confirmed that P-Unit is still strong and rubbished the rumours that the group had broken.

“P Unit is still strong, we are still together. All we did was take a sabbatical to allow each one of us to try and do some individual project” Frasha who is set to release his Dakitare album end of this month, stated.

Concerning the omission of Bon Eye in the new track, Frasha and Gabu said that they had sent there colleague on a compulsory paternity leave.
“Bon Eye is still part and parcel of us. He is one guy we cannot do without. He really wanted to be a part of this but we wouldn’t let him because he had more other important obligations that’s to say family matters. Hence we forced him to go on a compulsory paternity leave to look after his family bearing in mind that his wife had a baby recently.  One of our philosophies in the group is that family comes first and that’s why he is not on this new track but he be definitely be back,” Frasha added.

P-Unit was formed by renowned rapper Nonini 6 years ago.


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