It’s every man’s wish to own the car of his dreams.

What attracts fans’ attention is the fact that celebrities go to social media to flaunt about how wealthy they are. Well, Chameleon’s brother Pallaso who is now making ripples on our airwaves with his song Go Down Low has brought his ‘A’ game even beating the wealthy Chameleon when it comes to cars.

Mpasho got hold of Pallaso who exclusively revealed the many cars he owns, which as a matter of fact are worth millions.

He said;

“I have cars…I’m no longer the broke Pallaso, I’ve been broke all my life. I’ve suffered, i’m very ghetto but i’m not broke anymore. I have so many cars.”

He continued to count the many cars he owns;

“A very expensive Mercedes Benz covertable, two door, leather interior….Toyota Kluger, Lexus Hurrier and then somebody bought me a Range Rover for a gift”

pallaso 2

Pallaso, however, did not want to reveal the person who bought the Range for him but confessed that it was a close female friend of his who loves him too much.

“She is a female friend of mine that loves me so much and loves to see me do good,and she believes in me, she is so by me.”

Pallaso revealed this while on his media tour in Kenya.

Here are the cars;