A Kayole pastor in Nairobi dumped his pregnant wife after accusing her of being the sole reason for declining congregants in his church and little tithe.The wife accused him of being stingy with money and of infidelity.

A wedding between a Kayole Pastor and his pregnant wife ended 87 days after their wedding ceremony in April 2016 and sent her back to her parents in Muranga.



Apostle Kenneth Kiarie, 30, accused his wife, Marion Wagitu, 23, of being the reason his church and congregants were experiencing weird occurrences.

The two initially rushed into marriage because he was a pastor and needed to have a wife and he hurriedly accepted because he was a pastor.

According to the Standard, Kiarie blamed his wife for his KSh 70,000 debt after funding their wedding as well as being the main reason there was little tithe being given in his church.


“He blamed her for the declining congregation numbers because of her odd behaviours in and out of the church,” published the news site on Friday, September 23.

Wagitu told the newspaper that Kiarie often told her that if she left, there were many other beautiful women hanging around him who could become his wife.

“He claimed I threw hot water and a stove at him and attempted to beat him in front of his parents. He often left me with KSh 5 for cooking oil on grounds that I am a villager,” said Wagitu.

Kiarie and his former wife, Wagitu. Image: Standard.

Swearing in the name of God, Kiarie refuted the claims saying that his former wife had weird behaviours, often used offensive words and attempted to assault him in front of friends and family.

“It is a false accusation that I was unfaithful. Actually, this is the third time I chased her away and it has now been successful. She wanted to control me but that is not African. I said we’d rather separate than have one of us dead,” said Kiarie.

Despite being the one who rushed them into marriage, Kiarie said he believed Wagitu to be insane and wanted her evaluated if she wanted a life partner some day.



“I did not want to send her away but being a pastor, everybody thought I was the problem. A wife means a lot to a man but she is not worth living with. She will harm me,” added Kiarie.

Their inability to compliment each other could be attributed to the fact that between their first meeting and their wedding was only four months and so, could not know each other well.

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“I overlooked Kikuyu traditions to allow the weeding to take place without Kiarie paying bride price. This situation has left us in embarrassed and he has to send an emissary of elders to resolve the matter instead of maligning my daughter’s name,” said Wagitu’s father.