pastor holding bible

Pastor Israel Burale says that indeed these men are a risk to relationships and men have every reason to feel insecure.

“Gym instructors are the most notorious. No man will be happy with a man who sees his woman in tight clothes at the gym holding her in a ‘funny’ position. There is a lot of sexual tension in the gym, especially with aerobics, where there is a lot of rubbing of bodies. Remember, our bodies are not made of cement,” Pastor Burale said.

Having counselled men who have lost their wives to such men, Pastor Burale says that although it is legit to worry about it, men also need to pull up their socks to avoid such drama.

“If a man does not lift his woman so high, making her the center of his universe emotionally, mentally and physically, then he should not be shocked when another man takes over. Build your woman so high that no other man can take over her life,” he advises.

Pastor Burale says that women easily fall for pastors because they are good listeners.

“Women love a man who can accommodate and listen for up to three hours and that’s what pastors are trained to do. Pastors also know the right things to say and how to give instructions, which they know will be delivered. Isn’t that the dream of every woman” he posed.

Relationship expert, Cynthia Otieno from La-Mead Woman says that women can easily cheat with these men if they don’t get appreciated at home.

“Women do it if business is not taken care of at home. She will see the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because most of these men will listen to them since they are paid to do so. That’s where false intimacy begins,” Cynthia said.

She, however, says that such situations can be avoided if there is communication in a relationship.

“Communication is the most important thing as it builds intimacy and trust. If the woman is able to open up to her husband about every little thing happening to her life then she will have no reason to talk to any other person about her intimate details,” she said.