Pastor Kanyosto is breaking the internet with his rare talent. He has released a new song ‘Mtashtuka‘ meant for his haters who think his life is a lie.

The self-proclaimed photoshopper has left Kenyans dying with laughter over his rare sense of humour with his song ‘Mtashtuka

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, pool, sky and outdoorAccording to Pastor Kanyosto Kenyans don’t believe one can make it in life without having connections saying that haters say everything in his life is photoshopped.

In the lyrics he says

“nkipata pesa nyingi kama Kabura mtanishikanisha na Waiguru,Nkipita mtihani na D- mtasema matiangi ni Uncle yangu,Nkitravel na Uber mahater watasema ni Nduthi”


Not one to be deterred by haters his message for them is “Mtashtuka mseme ni photoshop” The talented musician giving MC Njagi the ‘Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite hitmaker a run for his money.

Going by his video he has rubbed shoulders with the big shots in the society, as you are busy struggling to get a selfie with MC Jessy pastor Kanyosto has already met Lupita .

image-2017-07-20(2)(1) According to Pastor Kanyosto haters did not even think he would keep his faith when he got saved and gave him three days to backslide.

He adds “Nkidunga madesigner kama Gucci mahater wanasema ni mtumba”.He has delivered the message in a fun way and this video is a must watch.

He concludes by sending some shout outs to his guys “Nagotea masupplier wote wa Gucci akina Kilonzo hapo Gikomba ,masupplier wote wa maperfume zangu madesigner designer za tropical heat.”