Paul Okoye is clearly not feeling the gambling life at all.

This is quite clear after he made it clear that gambling is not a game for everyone. Well, while in Las Vegas, he did what many people do or could do when they visit Las Vegas, gambling but things did not go so well for him.

paul okoye2

He took to social media to rant about how he lost his mulla, after spending it on gambling. According to him, he spent $300 but ended up winning just 25 cents. Ouch! That’s ugly.

He said “😒🙄 after spending $300 on #gambling …I won 25cents 😡 ndioshi !!! Oloshi !!! Barawo !!! #yahoomachine 😡#scam #yahooplus.. the funny thin is that u will just be getting some free shayo🍺 and na fine girls dey in charge for table 😒with all de disco light 😏 u go just de mumu de go 🙄

Here’s the photo he shared on aocial media of the voucher and a five dollar:

paul okoye

In the spirit of enjoying the gorgeous city, it seems he had an eye opener when he compared Nigeria and Las Vegas.

He said, “Dear God I woke up this morning in this lovely space and nice view #lasvegas and I want to thank you but I have a question pls don’t be offended …how long will it take for Nigeria my country to be like this?”

He continued,Abeg who did we offend bikonu we don’t mind, we will go and beg for forgiveness no pride at all…we go humble ourselves.

paul okoye vegas

“Even if they demand for a skeleton of an ant, we shall provide pls may thunder fire the people that denied us all these good things of life.

“Even me that thought I was living life, I’m a starter an upcoming, see light everywhere and that’s how I will come and going back to may God help us all.