Since Bahati started hobnobbing with the society’s elite, he has been on a constant roll.He has has been the unseen guest at most gossip forums around the country.0fgjhs24vk9l956ar-e9ad7ff7

Like this recent spat where a Kenyan socialite was asked whether she found Bahati sexually appealing.


Socialite Pendo was asked whether she’d have sex with Bahati.

Pendo, a singer cum socialite who currently acts on reality TV series Nairobi diaries recently struck off Bahati from the list of the men that she considered sexy, men that she’d have a thing with.

According to her, Bahati did not show up on the radar of the men that she considered bangable.


Pendo, a few years back, claimed that Willy Paul had taken her to bed.

This piece of information comes in the light of a sensational claim that Pendo had an intimate, sexual relationship with Willy Paul back in the day.

┬áNow, entertainment website, Ghafla called the singer and asked him what she thought of Pendo’s impolite outburst.

A calm Bahati sheepishly said that he had no idea who Pendo was and was not concerned on whether Pendo found him sexy or not.


Willy Paul’s mother later refuted claims that her son had any sexual contact with Pendo. She claimed that Pendo was an attention seeker who had used her son’s name to shoot to infamy.

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