Why do women mostly cry after intimacy? Maybe it has happened to you once. But scientist say it’s OK to cry after being laid. Crying after sex is called postcoital dysphoria, and very common among ladies.

It’s percentage to ladies or man who do it is 7.7% to 32.9% have cried after intimacy in their lifetime. It is also confirmed men also cry after sleeping with someone.

One researcher describes PCD as irritability and “motiveless crying” after sex or an orgasm, the paper reported. it has nothing to do with the action but just emotions.
Yes, sometimes you may feel guilty because you could have promised yourself otherwise, and things have happened in a way you didn’t expect, but mostly it’s just emotions.
Another hormone that can make you cry after sex, according to Heather Meggers-Wright, is oxytocin.
Sometimes emotions just sink into you that it has for real happened and you can’t reverse it. Others are scared may be you have had unprotected intimacy, you don’t know if you  could have contracted a disease or what?
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Man watching woman crying in bed
So this could be another reason for flawless tears and emotions as well the reality of things. May be a failure commitment and you feel you need alone time to cry it out.
Sex researcher and author, Debby Herbenick, told Buzzfeed that it is a phenomenon that is hard to explain.

Your muscles may have been tense and now they are relaxed, your heart rate could have been, was beating fast and now it is slower, your breathing was rapid and now it’s gone down, and you’re releasing a lot of different hormones, explained Herbenick.
All in all it’s, crying after intimacy is normal.