In Kenya, the Urban Kenyan population is growing at a rapid rate. We are seeing a movement from the rural to the urban towns like Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

Most of the people migrating to these towns are youths who after completing high school in rural areas come to the big towns to join college and universities.

Others come to the big cities in search of jobs after completing university education in the rural areas or college. They are attracted to better payment jobs and the life of the cities.

So how is life in the big towns of Kenya?

1. Partying – The towns are known to have cool clubs where the youth enjoy nightlife through partying and hooking up with friends after school or after work.

2. Movies – Some prefer to stay at home while others go to films to watch the latest movies in the big screens.

3. Poetry and cultural plays in theaters and other places.

4. Watching football in clubs and sometimes in the stadiums.

5. It is not always  a happy life as some of the urban dwellers have to bear long traffic snurl ups and pollution in the city.

6. Crime rate in the city is high as most of the youth fail to land the jobs that attracted them to the city and therefore, resort to crime.