Thursday night, the muffled beats of live music thumped all the way to the road where I moved. I listened but continued to move as the last notes of a trumpet died away indicating the end a song. The music began yet again, and with the first chord, I recognized Bob Marley’s Coco di Rastsa. The voice that did it held so much rapture, that anyone listening would have understood the love and commitment that drove its singer.

Benezeri represented
When it’s their first time to be out officially

Peeking into the boundaries of Makerere Guest House, a group of youth surrounded a fire as they watched and cheered a live band. For a long time, I stood still and listened to their music before heading home. Soon, all I could hear about from friends and acquaintances was the cool, all free live band plot at the guest house. And with the numbers showing up on this day, clearly Makerere plot seizes to make sense without Milégé.

Let my these instruments be the tune to your soul
Kyoka he left his friend to pose for the photo in an ugly way

What is Milégé?

Most campusers would simply describe it as the all cool Thursday night spent at Makerere Guest house sipping on an affordable cup of tea or coffee in the company of beautiful ladies and youthful men, around a blazing fire listening to free live music. Others will say; it is a place where their passion for the arts outflows as they sing, do poetry and perform live to an enthusiastic gathering. Whatever, one’s description of Milégé is, it is a win-win situation. However, The Bee never leaves this one saying unexplored;“There is always more than what meets the eye” so it buzzed right to one of the founders of this great association, Manana Francis Birabi to get to the gist of this plot campusers cannot seem to get enough of.

The smile he gives when he sees his future of going abroad becoming true
Bonfire experience

What Milégé really is

According to Manana, Milégé is an association deeply rooted in culture and the Milégé acoustic project (The one where campusers have fun every Thursday) is only but one of the many projects. Deliberately supporting the arts, the project is meant to discover, empower and promote artists free of charge.

“Academic success is not a guarantee of life success.”

Left (first time to enjoy anything from tuskys) Far right ( I see myself in Europe already)
When one of them tries to hard to pose but instead ends up looking like she’s choking







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