Echoing Phy’s words, dreams do come true. In a heartwarming message she revealed how she dreamt of performing internationally but soon realized she could have asked for too much.

Turns out God did hear and just because He took time to answer, it wasn’t a no but a resounding yes.

To represent Kenya, accompanied with her band Phy will perform in one of the biggest festivals this year in Russia.

‘’At the beginning of the year I prayed asking that this year I’d travel internationally in regard to my music.

The year took a different turn and nothing seemed to go to plan. It was only until a few weeks ago that this desire seemed a little over the top.

 Today I’m leaving for Russia with my wonderful team to perform at The World Youth Festival in Sochi Russia.

This will be my biggest stage yet because the festival has attracted 30,000 participants from 150 countries. It’s an honour to represent my country in a festival that’s been running way before even my folks were born in 1947.

I just want to say one thing, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is yours for the taking. Numb the loud of anything that tells you you’re not good enough, you’re not pretty/handsome enough, you’re not from the best background etc.

We owe it to ourselves to believe relentlessly in ourselves (even when others don’t) and to excel. That’s God’s intended plan for you. Happy Sunday my Philosophers.’’ She posted.

Riding high with her new song ‘Siwezani,’ the talented artist revealed some of the inspiration behind the hit song and the negative things people do or say to each other.

 ‘’Have you been in a relationship where the other person made you feel you weren’t good enough? Or they’ve put you in a position where you’ve considered changing yourself Just to keep them happy? I once dated someone that said they won’t love me for long coz I was too short to be his type.. NKT.’’ She wrote as one of the many experiences she went through.Phy