I bet Prezzo did not know this about Noti Flow.

Anyway, skin bleaching cream/products business must be booming in Africa as we have seen the likes of Vera Sidika among other big names like Dencia lighten their skin to look more prettier. Well, it also happens that rapper Noti Flow altered her skin-tone judging from one of her old photos taken before she became famous.

Noti Flows never before seen photo has been making rounds on social media leaving many shocked as very few knew that she had bleached her skin.

Noti FlowNoti Flow

Looking at the photo, one can clearly see that she was initially a dark skinned lady…pretty but she changed all this after whitening her skin to acquire her current tone, which seems to be working for her as she has maintained it for years now.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow

Not quite sure whether she spent millions or thousands to get this look, but I hear River Road shops have cheaper products that many ladies have been purchasing in order to also acquire the light skinned tone.

Below is the old photo of Noti Flow before she discovered the bleaching creams!

Noti Flow

Noti Flow