Zari is a beautiful woman and since she lost her ex husband things have been pilling up on her. But i bet that even if their relationship with her current hubby doesn’t work “God Forbid”, She can get another man who admires and loves her for what she is. Because she is loaded with beauty, wealth and family values.

As of now Zari needs a man to keep her company because she has enough children and enough on her plate as a business lady..

Diamond didn’t get anywhere near late semwangas funeral, reason, Zari didn’t give him the laid down programme for the burial… REALLY? If he had intentions, desire to attend Ivans burial he would have found his way to the funeral, just to support his dear wife.

Further more, how can Diamond accuse someone who is mourning of everything happening around him for all the wrong reasons. As a man, he should own his mistakes, swallow up his pride and apologize to his wife.