Forget her boytoy scandals! Akothee has a past that is the real definition of grass to grace.

Well, she calls herself madam boss, and yes she has the mullah. Just before she got into the limelight with all these dollars, Akothee may have struggled to get where she is now even though rumour has it that Benefactors made all this possible. Anyway, who are we to judge, I mean a girl got to do what a girl got do!


Akothee hit the headlines with her Djele Djele song that attracted fans with her African dance beats. She would go ahead to make headlines with her flamboyant lifestyle. Even though the lass recently rocked her Las Vegas show, it is evident that her various businesses make money for her more than her music does.


Akothee, a mother of 5 was once a taxi driver who did not know the meaning of flawless and now that she is up there, the lass seems to get into controversies, from being rumoured to be dating a younger man and fellow artiste Brown Mauzo to threatening journalists, Akothee has proved to be one melodramatic lass.

I came across Akotheeā€™s TBTs and one thing for sure the lass has had a tremendous transformation.