Being a celebrity is one tough job.


You should expect anything. You will have both ardent fans and haters . And there’s a time people will love you and a time when they will hate you for who you are. East Africa’s power couple Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan are a great example. Despite having ardent fans, the couple also have haters across the globe who just can’t stand them. From insulting them to making funny memes, Zari and Diamond must be in every story.

Well, Zari has been in the spotlight of late and she is always engaging her haters. Mid this year, word went viral that Diamond and Zari’s marriage was on the rocks and at a point, Zari allegedly threatened to abort Diamond’s second child after rumours that the “Utanipenda” hitmaker was dating Lynn, one of his video vixens.


Ugly scenes followed and Zari was involved in a fight with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe who claimed that Diamond was ‘government’ property. The Ugandan city businesswoman and socialite went ahead to throw shades at her ‘competitors’ among them Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobeto after she found her earrings in their bedroom.

Zari later moved to South Africa where she was bought for a house by Diamond but word on the street is that, her mother-in-law is not happy. Sources indicate that the property is not under Zari’s name but she has finally come out to clear the air. In a recent Snapchat rant, Zari attacked her haters claiming that they talk ill of her yet they don’t even own a spoon.

“Bitches be talking about my furniture yet they don’t own a spoon in their house,”

Here are the snaps that everyone is talking aboutzari_hassan_t