Former Manchester United defender Gerald Pique will be not present at the wedding ceremony of his Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi which is expected to hold in June 2017.

This is serious: This Barcelona star is not invited to Lionel Messi's wedding (photo)

Barcelona star Lionel Messi

According to the report, the Spanish professional football star was not invited by Lionel Messi to the wedding because of an issue with the bride to be Antonella Roccuzzo and Gerard Pique’s missus Shakira.

It is stated that the two women in the footballers’ lives haven’t got on since 2010 and the pre Shakira era of Pique’s life.

That’s because Roccuzzo and Pique’s ex, Nuria Tomas are good friends and once Pique and Shakira became an item after the breakup of Roccuzzo’s mate and Messi’s pal the bride to be sided with Tomas and never got on with Shakira.